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Organic Vegetable Box Delivery Scheme

Subscribers to this Scheme can expect a weekly box of fresh, local, organic vegetables delivered to their door.
All boxes contain potatoes, carrots and onions weekly, with a further 5 seasonal vegetables added. The boxes come in 3 sizes -

Small box - £9.95
Medium box - £13.95
Large box - £16.45
Combi Box (5 veg, 3 fruit)- £10.95

We now accept ‘Healthy Start’ vouchers


A typical Vegetable Box (contents will be seasonal)


The vegetables are delivered in cardboard, fold-flat, recyclable boxes with minimum packaging and food miles. No air-freighted produce is used. Although it is not a choice scheme you can tell us dislikes and you will not get these in your box. You will get either an alternative or more of one of the other vegetables in the box. Additional items can be added to your weekly order.
Come and meet us at either Rochester Farmers Market (third Sunday of each month) or Meopham Farmers Market (first Sunday of each month).

If you live outside our delivery area, please contact your local information service. By supporting a local organic box delivery scheme you are securing the future of local organic farming.

We may expand to further adjacent areas in the future.
A typical Fruit Box (contents will be seasonal)
Terms of Payment

Monthly by cheque in advance or weekly by cash in advance. You may also pay by bank transfer or standing order. The Farm Office must be informed of holiday cancellations, alterations in orders etc. by 5 pm on the Monday of the week concerned. (Please read the cancellation terms here)
Subscribers will be actively encouraging a system of farming and growing which is environmentally friendly whilst, at the same time, enjoying healthy and nutritious food.

The Soil Association Symbol is carried by all produce from Luddesdown Organic Farms as a consumer guarantee that the food we produce is wholesome, organic and grown to the highest quality.
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