Luddesdown Organic Farms Ltd
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Organic Beef, Pork and Chicken

The organic beef raised on the 970 acres at
Luddesdown Organic Farms Ltd. is produced
according to the highest standards of organic
farming methods laid down by the Soil Association.

Roasting Joints:
Topside, Silverside, Brisket all at £10.00/kg
Rib of Beef  £15.00/kg
Fillet £29.95/kg
Rib-eye £24.95/kg
Sirloin £24.95/kg
Rump £21.95/kg
Other cuts:
Braising/Chuck  £9.00/kg
Diced £8.25/kg
Stewing/Shin £7.15/kg
Mince £6.55/kg
Burgers £3.85/4 pack
Organic Beef Packs: 5kg or 10kg from £9.00/kg
Typical 5kg pack contents:
2 x 1 kg roasting joints (topside, silverside or rib)
1 x 500g rump or sirloin steak
1 x 500g braising steak
1 x 500g stewing steak
3 x 500g ground beef


The pork is well marbled, sweet and delicious,
how traditional pork should be. You will really taste
the difference.

Roasting joints:
Boned and Rolled Leg £9.00/kg
Boned and Rolled Shoulder £8.30/kg
Rolled Loin Joint £11.00/kg
Belly Joint £7.25/kg
Other cuts:
Loin steaks £11.00/kg
Pork chops £8.50/kg
Belly slices £7.25/kg   
Diced £8.00/kg
Sausages £7.00/kg
Pork mince  £6.50/kg
Organic Pork Packs: 5kg (£8.00/kg) or 10kg (£7.50/kg)
or half a pig (£7.25/kg)
Typical 5kg pack contents:
Boned and rolled leg or shoulder joint
Loin steaks
Belly slices

Whole organic chickens from 1.5kg - 2.0kg at £6.95/kg
Chicken breasts at £17.60/kg
Chicken drumsticks at £7.00/kg
Sourced from a local organic producer.
All meat comes vacuum packed and frozen