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News from the Farm

20 February 2012

Dear friend and customer,

Today I have sad news for you, concerning our vegetable box delivery scheme.   Over the past 3 years we have seen a gradual decline in customer numbers.   Despite our very best efforts to reverse this trend the decline continues.   For the last 3 years the scheme has made a financial loss.  We have therefore reached a decision to close the vegetable box scheme.   Deliveries will continue until week ending Friday 23 March 2012 with the last vegetable deliveries being made on this day.

I am sorry to be the bearer of this sad news.   The scheme has been going for 19 years and was started as a farm diversification enterprise to add income, therefore it has to be financially viable for the farm to do.   With customer numbers dropping to half the level they were and with the current recession and economic outlook set to continue into the future, we are no longer able to continue the scheme. We hope that everyone who was using our vegetables in their soupmakers will be able to find organic alternatives.
The farm however, will continue as an organic farm producing cereals, clover crops for seed, beef and pork.   We wish to thank you for your valuable contribution and support and to inform you that meat sales direct from the farm will NOT be affected by this change.   It is our intention to continue with, and develop this area as livestock on the farm are an essential part of the organic system.   Please contact Jill for your meat requirements in the usual way.

We thank you all for your past, present and future custom.

With our best regards for the future.

Gerry and Jill Minister
Luddesdown Organic Farms Ltd
Farm Manager & Box Scheme co-ordinator

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